Smith Field Airport - Fort Wayne, IN

In 2009 and 2010 we rehabilitated runways 13/31 and 5/23.  The project consisted of pulverizing the existing asphalt runways and cement stabilization of the existing sub-grade.   We then fine graded the the pulverized material, to meet the new profile grade.  Finally, we overlaid the runways with two lifts of an FAA P403 asphalt mixture for both base and surface.

Bass Mansion (University of Saint Francis) - Fort Wayne, IN

In 2010 the University of Saint Francis did a complete restoration of the Bass Mansion located on the north side of campus.  Part of the restoration included the complete redesign of the entrance off of Spring Street and widening of Spring Street.

Wayne Asphalt was responsible for the removal of the existing drives and sidewalks, as well as performing the earthwork.  Once the earthwork was complete, we install a  compacted stone base and new pavement section.

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